The end is nigh!

Apologies for the minor meltdown in the previous post. Perhaps I’ve been making too much of things, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve let a lot of people down, despite trying. I really anticipated that this compilation would be a lot bigger than it ended up being.

I believe the grand total for submissions now stands at… five tracks? I’m still holding out for a few additional submissions from parties who’ve expressed interest but not yet submitted anything. I’m going to hold out for as long as possible here, just to give everyone who’s expressed interest a chance to get something sent to me. The compilation or sampler or whatever you’d like to call it will go live on Bandcamp shortly before midnight tonight, local time.

At any rate, many thanks to ontol way down on the Gulf Coast of Alabama for his recent submission, and for his enthusiasm and encouragement regarding this project. I’m very happy to have this artist on the “big” Alabama noise compilation.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, and for all the patience that has been graciously given with regards to this long-overdue compilation and my own extreme neurosis.

The end is nigh!

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