I’m not dead, and neither is the project.

So, I’ve been MIA for a while now. Things go wrong. Shit falls apart. But I’m in the process of putting it all back together, starting with my duty to this project, which I’ve sorely neglected from the start.

As of today, I have received some interest and lots of helpful advice and encouragement, but no submissions. This is by and large my own fault, but rest assured, I’m done being an avoidant weirdo, and I’m determined to get this compilation off the ground.

Firstly, some new guidelines:

  1. THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 15th, 2017! I may cut the date off sooner, depending on how many submissions I receive prior to this date. I realize the new date is pretty far off, but I am working on getting contributions where contributions are likely to be few and far between.
  2. If you simply can’t do WAV or FLAC files, I am willing to accept MP3’s and will convert them to WAV, though a lossless WAV or FLAC is still much (much, much) preferred.

That’s it! You can reach me a number of ways, but these are the only dependable ones:

email me at: theraytownians@gmail.com

PM me at: http://www.maniacsonly.com/forum/index.php (handle: “Bellmerian Love Doll”)

I’m not dead, and neither is the project.

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