One Nation Under Noise: Big Alabama Noise Comp is now accepting submissions!

One Nation Under Noise is a project which aims to collect a series of streamable compilations for all fifty states. Each individual state’s compilation is curated by and seeks contributions from artists within those states. These compilations will be linked under ONE banner as “ONE NATION UNDER NOISE”.

As the self-appointed representative for the State of Alabama, I am currently seeking submissions from noise artists living in Alabama to be a part of this project. I’ve set a deadline for March 1st, 2016, about 4 months from the time of this post. This may change as necessity dictates.

I am looking for submissions no greater than 2 minutes per artist (good luck, Alabama!). Longer is better, but there is no limit to the number of tracks per artist within the time limit. Personal preference is for harsh noise, but beggars can’t be choosers.

If you’ve got something to submit, just upload it to your filehosting service of choice and send an email with the link to and include the following information:
-Project name
-Track title(s)
-Your location (city)
-Contact/web presence info

I accept WAV or FLAC submissions only. No transcoded material, please. If your track is too big for a standard Bandcamp account upload, I can’t release it. Make sure the size of your individual tracks are no larger than the absolute maximum of 291MB (sorry about this).

This compilation is to be a 100% free download.

To avoid any uncertainty, here are the rules again, verbatim, as they appear on the ONE NATION UNDER NOISE website:

The submission information should be as follows for each state’s comp:
1. all tracks should only be 2 minutes maximum in length.
2. WAV FILES should be encouraged.. (or you will end up doing a lot of transfering formats)
3. only submissions from CURRENT residents of each state are permitted
(so just because you were born and raised in California.. but you live in Arizona now.. you are from Arizona.)

collections are open to all residents of the State from which the collection is being done from who are doing
sound recordings in the noise/sound art/experimental/avant garde genres

Track information should include the CITY from which the artist dwells in from their state, and a link to their website or their email address.

Pertinent links:
The ONUN Project website:
The Bandcamp page that will be hosting this comp:

Thanks for your interest! I’ll post new developments here as they come.

-Jon/Alabama Noise Artists

One Nation Under Noise: Big Alabama Noise Comp is now accepting submissions!

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